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A NEW AVIATION HORIZON (From EAA Sport Pilot Sourcebook)

In 2004, the FAA created new sport pilot/light-sport aircraft (SP/LSA) regulations. This is the most significant change in FAA regulations in 50 years, it allows easier and lower-cost access for those wishing to participate in the joy of flight. For the past half century, EAA has been a leader in providing people with more opportunities to take to the sky.

Because of EAA’s efforts, flying has become less expensive and easier than ever before. You can become a sport pilot with as little as 20 hours of flight instruction. You can fly a one- or two-seat aircraft capable of speeds up to 138 mph. And in most cases, you can pass the medical requirements just by showing your driver’s license. That’s not all….

Now You Can:

  • Obtain an FAA pilot certificate at a lower cost and with less time commitment than ever before.
  • Fly a sport pilot-eligible aircraft with your driver’s license serving as evidence of medical eligibility.
  • Purchase new, more affordable, ready-to-fly aircraft.
  • Build an approved light-sport aircraft kit that’s as much as 99% complete from the factory.
  • Make your dreams of flying come true more easily and less expensively.
  • Fly interesting alternative aircraft such as powered parachutes, weightshift-controlled (trikes), gliders, gyroplanes, or balloons.
  • Maintain your own aircraft.


The sport pilot rule is more than just a new pilot certificate. It’s an entire plan to lower the barriers to participation in aviation. It addresses everything from getting that first entry-level pilot certificate to creating a new way of certificating ready-to-fly aircraft that are much more affordable than most aircraft currently on the market.

Here’s how the sport pilot rule affects you:

  • Creates a new sport pilot certificate for operating any aircraft that meets the definition of a light-sport aircraft (LSA).
  • Creates a new sport pilot flight instructor certificate.
  • Creates FAA knowledge and practical flight tests just for sport pilots.
  • Credits sport pilot flight time toward advanced pilot ratings.
  • Allows you to prove medical fitness by either a current and valid U.S. driver’s license or an FAA third-class medical certificate.


Enjoy your visit to our site and let us help you enter the world of Light Sport Aircraft.

Whether you are completely new to aviation or have flown aircraft before, Sport Pilot is the new way to fly that is easier, more affordable, safe, and even more fun. Sport Pilot enables you to learn to fly and gain access to aircraft in half the time and for half the cost of a Private Pilot License. Imagine spending as little as $2750 to obtain your "wings". Here at Boondox Aviation it is our mission to help you realize your dream by providing FAA certified flight instruction, light-sport aircraft sales and parts as well as FAA certified service and repairs when needed.
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